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A project log for Extension card for TDS3000 scopes

TDS/3K32 Network and serial interface card for old TDS3000 scopes.

PMercierPMercier 06/19/2020 at 20:560 Comments

After some wire wrapping and soldering I had exactly what I needed to test the finding with this simple schematic :

Pretty simple, but it'll do the job.

Until now, what I got with from the scope when pulling down the *CD pin was a message saying I had to provide a firmware update.

But now, what i get from this test card after testing with the jumpers is a "virtual" TDS3GV, a 3GM or even a 3VM !

Sweet as hell :)

Let's try an *IDN? command using the serial port.

Okay, it's working, even without a TDS3ENG key. Even getting a screen capture from the scope with a GPIB command is okay.

Seem like i can grab a beer and start writing a summary of what where found.