Using the AWS Rekognition Service

A project log for FaceLock: A Facial Recognition Door Lock

An ESP32 based IoT project.

xli89xli89 06/10/2020 at 21:190 Comments

To use the AWS service, the boto3 library must be installed on the server. The boto3.client() will initialize an AWS client based on the parameter inputs. Usually, the type of service one wishes to use, their AWS access key, secret access key, and AWS server region are needed for initializing the client. I have stored my AWS access keys in a CSV file so that others won’t easily see my access keys. Many AWS services are not free, leaking one’s AWS access keys can cause a variety of trouble. It is better to keep them secured.

The tutorial about using Rekognition made by YouTuber PyLenin has helped me a lot during the quarter. Check out his Rekognition tutorial playlist for more information.