Concept and Usage :- 

Well I saw some news in the TV and the papers that "100 Italian doctors have died of Coronavirus" , "8 Doctors have been found COVID positive in the UK" . Then I thought what could I do to help reduce the impact by reducing exposure. Then this idea struck my mind. 

Basically this device will have to be put in a person's hand and the app has to be downloaded in his/her mobile by registering with the mobile number. The device will continuously survey the person for 2 weeks and the data will then be sent to a registered hospital. 

This device will help us down the curve of the impact by Coronavirus by completely isolating the persons and will also help us reduce the contamination to a great impact and will also help the doctors and the healthcare workers.

Demonstration video :-  

Working and Theory :-

So basically the device will take up data from MAX 30100sensor and the Temperature sensor. The device needs to be attached to the body by using a wrist strap. Then the temperature sensor needs to be placed below our arm and the MAX 30100 sensor will be placed under the device as because the device will have some weight and that pressure will be applied on the sensor thus the sensor will receive the data more precisely.

We have also developed an app (CoronaSecure) using MIT App Developer in which we will take up a survey of the person in whose's arm the device has been attached.The person will have to fill up a survey containing some questions about the common symptoms [as adviced by WHO] of COVID-19 virus, such as the picture below.

Fig. 1. This picture contains some common symptomatic survey questions.

Fig. 1. This picture contains some common symptomatic survey questions.

Our device is based on Wi-Fi technology i.e. all the amount of data received by the Arduino will be transferred to our CoronaSecure App using the ESP-01 Wi-Fi Module.The app will survey the person for two weeks [Normal Quarantine Period] and if any possible changes of the person being affected then it will be informed to the local Police and Hospital services by using GPSsystem present in our phones.I have also added VoIP Call Feature using IFTTT to the registered mobile number. Everyday after a certain time IFTTT assistant will call to the registered mobile number requesting the patient to fill up the survey from regularly.

Then if there is any presence of COVID being found in the patient then the data of the patient will be sent to a registered hospital along with the GPS location through the mobile.

Features :- 

• Reduce the contamination of Coronavirus.

• Help the doctors to survey and monitor the patients even staying in complete home isolations.

• Being very low in cost i.e. very cheap can be used by people of any economic background.

• Help in decreasing the curve of Coronavirus.