Which Flavor of LCARS

A project log for Make It So! The Star Trek TNG Mini Display

A microcontroller-based Star Trek TNG operational display

Darian JohnsonDarian Johnson 07/02/2020 at 01:500 Comments

I'm in the process of updating this project - to make it easier to replicate - and I'm toying with using a different "flavor" or LCARS. 

Option 1: The original TNG version

This is the version that is most familiar to Trek-fans.... I also find it the most visually unappealing (it looks like Rainbow Brite threw up on a computer screen). The original mini display is built with this motif.

Option 2: NCC1701-E "Shades of Blue"

This version is mostly blue and purple... and is my favor version of the LCARS interface

Option 3: Janeway's Future Transparent Display

This one seems very difficult to make. Making a transparent display is a nonstarter... but maybe using some type of acrylic, or ITO glass, might be an option

Option 4: Picard's Transparent Display

I'd LOVE to make a version that is based off this... I don't think I can easily make a transparent version.... but I like the color motif and the clean lines....