The "Nerdiskerator controller" and problem solving vakuum chamber

A project log for Nerdiskerator - A 3D printed disk generator

This is a mostly 3D printed disk generator build from 40 neodymium magnets and 12 self made coils

FabFab 06/23/2020 at 17:310 Comments

In the last log I reported that when I was casting the magnets for the rotor disc, I had the problem of enclosed air bubbles in the epoxy. My solution to solve this problem is (hopefully) to pull the air bubbles out of the epoxy using a vacuum chamber. You can see a first (more or less advanced) attempt for a vacuum chamber here:

Picture of the build vacuum chamber:

The "Nerdiskerator-controller":

In addition, I have now made a few thoughts about the controller for the Nerdiskerator. Since the Nerdiskerator consists of 3D printed parts, which have special limits with regard to mechanical stress and temperature, I think it is good to be able to monitor these parameters and intervene if necessary.

For example, I think that winding temperatures that are too high could become critical. Also very high speeds. In order to be able to measure these values, various sensors are attached. In addition, actuators (such as the mechanical brake or electrical load) are also planned to be able to brake or stop the generator if the parameters are exceeded.

A first list follows here:
(I will also put them in the project details and update them if necessary.)



What do you think? Have I forgotten anything else? :)