New Custom Power Supply Build

A project log for OPEN SKY ANCHOR 5G WIFi DRONE

Mission "Wifi" Impossible > Bring Long Range 5G and 2.4 G WiFi Backed By A 1 Gigabit Fiber To The East Brainerd EF-3 Tornado Disaster area.

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 09/27/2020 at 22:580 Comments

This project requires a highly reliable and relatively powerful power supply. It needs to operate in harsh conditions, handle near full load constantly and also have a built in backup in case of overheating or any other failure causing output to drop to the electronics or motors. I am using a combination of Switching AC to DC Module with power smoothing and onboard dual Lipo battery backup as well. It is not done, but here is the progress before dinner. On the DC side (was o the right) there are four slots for Velcro straps and two Deans connectors to add or swap our battery connections. There is nothing to prevent a larger battery from being plugged up, but they would need to be stored somewhere other than on the small footprint I made for a emergency backup battery. In hindsight and better planning I could have reduced the board size about an inch in length, but overall most the components are packed tightly together. I will put a heat shield on both rows of capacitors with the gold foil I have to help reduce radiant heat from the heatsink. This is a bare plate with no heatsink. I have four heatsink options, one of them having forced air from fans, but as Dink pointed out, there should be plenty of airflow under the drones downward draft from the twelve props.