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A project log for Open Sky Anchor WiFi Drone Brings The GIG

Mission "Wifi" Impossible > Bring Long Range 5G and 2.4 G WiFi Backed By A 1 Gigabit Fiber To The East Brainerd EF-3 Tornado Disaster area.

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 11/04/2020 at 18:410 Comments

1. Build Thrust and wattage table

2. Test wattage  and thrust is current prop choice. 10x4.5

3.  Weigh new manufactured PCB Meanwell PSU boards

4. attach connectors to the psu 

5. Perform a burn in test to  500 watts continuously and monitor temps as well while doing so.

6. test run one psu with 2 motors running full throttle, check wattage and make sure the psu can handle the continuous use.

7.  Load firmware onto the new Pix Hawk PX4 FMU.

8. Swap  out 6 of the ESCs for the new 420 models so they whole layer are matching equipment.

9. 3D print mounts and fan shrouds for the new PSU printed circuit boards. They need constant airflow of at least 25 cfm, hopefully we can avoid this with clever positioning of the  board close to the prop wash.

10. After new equipment swapped the air frame needs to be balanced from the back again.