Choices Choices, 110v to 12v power supply

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Smart tethered drone has unlimited flight time, onboard Raspberry Pis, machine vision tracking and robotic directional Wifi antennas

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 07/09/2020 at 00:320 Comments

Ok so without too much explanation, the power supply I use on the air frame needs to be powerful and also reliable. Additionally it much be compact and light as possible. What ever unit I get I will do as much as possible to reduce the weight, likely removing the steel or aluminum casing, as the board will have plenty of airflow opportunity right in the middle of 6 x 10 inch props. In the future I could use a vacuum table to vacuum form a clear or thin white plastic cover just for safety from touching a 110v transformer or capacitors.

First option I found at only 1.9 pounds WITH THE CASE, losing the case could make a big difference.

Second Option on Amazon that is physically larger and claims a 100 watts more for a rating but there is also the obvious draw back that the board is a little wider, but the weight is about the same.

Here is a third options, a little heavier and larger than the slim line but agian also claiming 600 watts instead of 500

I know there are likely mosfets that need to be cooler so I would opt in for smaller dedicated heat sinks for those and loose the heavier case if at all possible. If nothing else I could drill large holes in the case to swiss cheese it, giving it more airflow and also reducing the weight from the casing. Right now I am leaning towards the first option as the supplier is more credible and it has a smaller form factor.