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DIY, 32bits mini video game console

MakapufMakapuf 05/07/2015 at 13:290 Comments

a few updates on the micro BB, BB dev will go on a bit for now.Well, after playing a bit with a STM32f0 dev board, and porting a kernel it seems outputting a 12MHz signal with a 48MHz f0 really isn't possible, even with a DAC. Resolution seems to be capped at ~190 pixels horizontally. Also some prototype pcb have arrived - with some issues but, eh that's planned.

So I'm investigating stm32f1 @72MHz which will prove quite cheap also and able to output 320 pixels at least

In the meantime, playing with a cleaner kernel really is a charm, which I plan on cleaning the main Bitbox,

Also working on several games (existing and new ... ) but all of them in parallel so individual advancement may not be great ... also planning on working with ESP8266 ...

Also planning on making a more streamlined 2.5 pcb (smaller but with ~same chip bitbox) but that's not short term.