Applying the paste to the board.

A project log for STM32F pro mini board

The STM32F030 based board with the size as Arduino pro mini has.

BogdanBogdan 09/25/2020 at 14:120 Comments

Required tools:

  1. Stencil.
  2. Solder paste.

Applying the paste.

For this operation, I have designed a PCB fixture with a mount for interchangeable stencils.

Setting the PCB and aligning the stencil after that apply some duct tape.

After that firmly apply the paste.After that, we will get PCB with solder paste on it.

Now we can mount components.
When placing the components press components a little bit in the solder paste.

Now solder components using a solder station hot air.

And fix if needed some unsoldered components.