Aaaaaaand Mige is here! Welcome to servo

A project log for Custom motor driver for FFB Wheels

Why do we have to rely on expensive drivers when we can make our own?

Nikiss999Nikiss999 03/06/2021 at 23:440 Comments

This project should be changed to both steppers and servo now :)

Testing was done on 150 Watts 48 V supply, trimmed to 38 V. Strength in Nm should be between 10 and 15, but this is just a guess. Motor is Large Mige 130st-M15015 with 2500 ppr / 10000 cpr encoder.

Didn't reveal stepper electronics yet, but you can see the driver for brushless motors (servos) on the right side. Powered with 2 supplies, one high voltage for motor and other is 12 V Pc power supply.

This is as close as you'll get to OSW without Argon or Ioni. That's why MMOS was used. 10 for effect filters, 0 for overall filter,, no additional effects. 0 on everything in assetto corsa, gain on 100%, 75% in game (to avoid clipping).

Some rally carnage as well, breaking some desks