1.2.5 Revision/Beyond

A project log for Witches Brew V1.3.1 CV Joystick Controller

Let's you control any Voltage Control Synthesizer parameter with a Variable Voltage Output from +8V to -8V on a Joystick or other Controller

neil-mundtNeil Mundt 09/05/2020 at 03:030 Comments

*Pcb fully functional as intended

I will revisit this project later. I'll make some fixes on the PCB  and Release the PCB Layout.

If I do Redo the LED driver and add some more features. I might sell some PCBS after that, But as it stands for now. I Personally Don't feel like I have changed too much from the original CGS Joystick Controller Design.


-Hard to solder onto ground plane due too thermal conductivity of ground plane(Noobie's Bewares) 

-Fix PCB LED layout (switch X and Y axis with each other)

-Fix PCB LED and capacitor foot print too more spacious

-FIX PCB Layout (add OFFSET panel Control too PCB Mask layer)


-Find Stand offs with proper clearance in metal variant(only pvc ones have proper hight for proper stacking.

-add diodes or some ability to prevent LEDS from getting lfo or oscillator signal effecting LEDs brightness 

Later Revisions Features

-Redo LED driver circuit so it is current controller making the led incantation linear (Doesn't Cut too 0 Brightness at 500mv)

-Add optional always inverted output header

-Add +/-8v LED Digital Display Voltmeter 

Red for +Positive voltage 

Blue for -Negative voltage

I would Like too. Thank Kristian Blåsol for the mention on his channel. He has a great series called modular in a week with great projects. Learned Quite a bit from his videos here is  His Video On CV controllers/Joysticks