System Objectives and SMART Goals

A project log for 2020 HDP Dream Team: UCPLA

The 2020 HDP Dream Teams are participating in a two month engineering sprint to address their nonprofit partner. Follow their journey here.

RubenRuben 07/15/2020 at 14:190 Comments

System Objectives

Even though the design choice for a truly universal remote is more complex than anticipated (read The Complexity of a Simple Task), we still were able to come up with general design goals to help narrow in the scope.


The device must be affordable to those that do not have insurance to cover of offset the cost of assistive devices.


The device must be able to withstand continual forceful use, as some users cannot easily control the amount of force they apply to an interface.


In the even that something does break, replacement parts should be readily available. The design should also allow the device to easily be repaired by anyone.


Since the device can possible be used anywhere, the user will most likely wish to easily move the device around, and even wish to carry it.

Another large design factor with portability is the battery life.  The battery life must be sufficiently long to allow the user to use the device for long periods at a time. One way to mitigate a shorter battery life is to design it to be easily rechargeable.


For some users they may want to mount it for better accessibility.


The design should allow the input methods to be expanded by adding additional input devices such as buttons, joysticks, and other sensors.


The functions offered must be able to be customized to suite the users needs.

Usable for long duration

The design should require minimal user effort so that they are able to use this for long periods of time. For some users this may require adding more input methods and customizing things.


While our objectives are a good start they are a bit open ended. At the moment this is okay. But once we decide on a concept to move forward with, we will need to create tasks that pass the SMART test.

S - Specific: Is it specific in targeting an objective?
M - Measurable: What are the measurable indicators of success?
A - Attainable: Is it attainable by someone on the team?
R - Relevant: Can it be achieved within the resources and time allowed? If not, then the goal is irrelevant to project success.
T - Time-based: When will the objective be completed?