Hammering experiment

A project log for 2020 HDP Dream Team: Field Ready

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guptamguptam 07/28/2020 at 12:050 Comments

Hello everyone ! 

Few days back, I tried to experiment with one of our ideas for labeling system for Field Ready products. 

Following tools were used:

  1. Hammer
  2. Letter puncher
  3. Aluminium sheet
  4. Sheet cutter
  5. A table or hard surface to keep the sheet and hammer into it 

Thin Aluminium Sheet

Aluminium sheet

HAND HOLDER - Letter Punch Manufacturer from Navi Mumbai

Letter Punch

The idea behind this experiment:

We wanted to test out engraving "Field Ready" into an aluminum sheet and test its readability first. Along with that, we wanted to see how robust it is and if it's an efficient way to do so.

How it looked post hammering:

Observations post experiment:

  1. It is not the most efficient and time-effective method of labeling / engraving
  2. It can hurt someone if not done properly bearing cautions in mind
  3. Aluminum sheet is extremely robust
  4. Hammering into it engraves pretty well and is sort of human readable, but not machine readable. It is suggested to actually use an embossing/engraving machine or specific tool for that.
  5. One needs to keep in mind the spacing between letters and the precision needed while hammering

All in all, as much as this was fun and makes use of local tools that are easily accessible in local areas, it is not efficient and hence we are exploring other methods to do so. It is also sort of time consuming and since we will be dealing with rapid-response products/scenarios, we need a fast, cost-effective, efficient method to label products while making sure that the end-user knows that the product is from Field Ready and how they can contact them if they have any issue. 

Good stuff learned from this experiment:

  1. Extremely cost-effective
  2. Usage of local tools and no machine
  3. Recognizing the robustness of aluminum sheet
  4. Experimenting with letter punchers and engraving just by hammering it once or twice into the sheet 

I will be posting more pictures and ideas in the next logs. But we are also brainstorming different designs for labels along with QR codes / Field Ready logos + product specifications.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any ideas or suggestions! We would love to hear your insights. 

Field Ready Dream Team : Meesha, Antonio, and Tom !