Tests of PCM5102A module

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I'm looking for perfect audio DAC for ESP8266/ESP32

andrey.malyshenkoandrey.malyshenko 07/14/2020 at 20:110 Comments

Next to test is another popular module from unknown manufacturer based on PCM5102A chip. It has a bit strange power schematics compared to datasheet, but nevertheless it is one of my favourites in terms of usage in projects

Data format: I2S, stereo output

Ouput: medium-impedance, capable to drive headphones

Price: ~€4 per unit

Here is the setup. Test circuit is a module itself, since it has built in output filter. It is identical to my setup, apart of R=470 Ohm, C=2n2, giving same 30KHz cutoff frequency

Again, I only have toy oscilloscope, therefore results will be eye measured:)

Test signal is mono wav file generated by esp8266 module using ESP8266Audio library, industry standard 44.1Khz sampling rate. 

1KHz before filter, after filter

2KHz before filter, after filter

10KHz before filter, after filter

20KHz before filter, after filter

What can be said here. It has relatively clear output even before filter applied. After filter i see no issues even on 20Khz. Curve is clean and properly leveled for every measured frequency. 

To compliment more, I listen one of these modules every day in my home audio setup and I perfectly happy with it. Given it's price, no more to ask really.