3D Print a $20 Document Camera for a student

During the time of distance learning, teachers need a way to see what students are working on.

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I've taught kindergarten for 20 years. I find distance learning very difficult, because I can not see what students are working on. I designed an inexpensive document camera that could be 3D printed. It simply needs a 2M bolt and nut for a hinge, a usb extender, and a $14 dollar camera. Folks can either print this camera or have have someone else print it for them here:

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Matthew Douglas wrote 05/17/2021 at 05:38 point

3D print a $20 document camera for a student, If you are a student then it is easy for you to understand the value for single document. With the professional paper writing services help of the written instructions it is better for you to give instructions to all other students who know about it and also those who want to know about the whole.

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Jon wrote 09/03/2020 at 17:15 point

I've taken a number of remote courses and can confirm that the any learning process incorporating such a document camera makes the process so much easier. The Khan Academy blackboard-style videos can work depending upon the presenter but getting an option for a real view of the task space / "over-the-shoulder" makes for a very natural student-teacher interaction. Making this simple and cheap and an option for teacher and student is a great idea. Good luck!

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Dan Maloney wrote 07/21/2020 at 16:19 point

That's a good idea. My wife had to distance teach too last semester, and sharing work between her and the students was always a challenge - plenty of jury-rigged webcams and shakey phone video. Nice job with this!

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