Finished the Dashboard

A project log for UnifiedWater

UnifiedWater is an IoT empowered, smart water quality monitoring device enabling remote data collection and visualisation on a dashboard.

Andrei FlorianAndrei Florian 09/30/2020 at 21:100 Comments

Yes, the third log in a row, apologies again for this, but I did finish both the code and dashboard in the same day. So I used IoT central for the backend because it is so simple to set up while providing a reliable and industry grade experience, my personal favorite.

Before I used to stream the data from IoT Hub into a DB and then into MS PowerBi, but the streaming would cause a lag (as PowerBi works on fetch). IoT Central visualizes the data as it is received allowing real time applications to be built. The water pH, temperatures, humidity and turbidity are collected and visualized live.

The dashboard also allows the supervisor to edit settings such as the number of samples collected by the device as well as the intervals of time between data sends, sensor data collection and other features. Battery life is also visible!