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A project log for Metal 3D-printer based on induction heating...

Project of metal 3D-printer for printing unique metal parts, by using welding wire, induction heating and other physics)))

Sergey R.Sergey R. 01/21/2021 at 20:180 Comments

                I decided to show this module which responsible for wire feeding. I have created this module at summer 2019. This module has high feed torque because there i utilized DC motor, has wire seeking capabilities and torque sensor. I had thoughts to use industrial servo, but i didn't use it due to budget reason and other reasons. That to control position of wire, i implemented position controller by using optical encoder (form old device), PID regulator and DC driver (which supports PWM). PID regulator i have implemented at AVR microcontroller on C++/C. I note that PID regulators need turning of own coefficients, but i did it via additional homebrew PC software. That to use encoder i have used hardware counters and timers at the microcontroller, for better reliability. Also i programmed serial software interface that to manage this module. With torque sensor this module can provide graph of it in to any module and PC in real-time . Also i developed some special parts that to create the wire feeder.

                Maybe this description abstract because this project isn't open source, thank you for understanding. If you have ideas please write in DM).