New audio path way!

A project log for Simple FM Repeater

A simple home brew FM ham radio repeater.

KD9KCKKD9KCK 06/29/2022 at 17:410 Comments

I just finished modifying the board design to put the ESP32 directly in the audio pathway between both SA818 modules. This way it has full control of what is transmitter over the repeater. (This also means it can cut off someone without just unkeying the output.)

Below are pictures of the new design. The resistors and caps on the back will allow for experimenting with how to get the audio into the ESP32.  The caps are coupling caps. (Which I may end up just bridging) and the resistors are to possibly add a DC Bias if needed, and this is on the input and outputs from the ESP32.   This design also allows for directly running this repeater as an M17 Analog Gateway as well without any design changes. (In theroy)