At the end of 2019 I started some Arduino library development projects to control DSP receivers. The first implementation was the Arduino library for the SI4844 and then for the ICx Si473X family, all manufactured by Silicon Labs. Given the acceptance and enthusiasm of various radio listeners, experimenters and hobbyists, around the use of the implementations of these libraries, I decided to expand the number of Arduino libraries for the Arduino IDE platform and also developed the libraries for the AKC695X, KT0915, SI470X and RDA5807. When I started reading about the BK1086/88 Datasheet I notice it is also very apropriated for radio listener and hobbyists. Unlike the other devices previously mentioned, I found very few documentation about it at first. So, it encouraged me to build as much information as possible about this BEKEN family of devices. I requested some information about the BK1086/88E from BEKEN Corporation and I was promptly answered. I would like to thank the BEKEN Corporation fot its attention.

This library is based on the BEKEN manual “BK1086/88 - BROADCAST AM/FM/SW/LW RADIO RECEIVER REV1.3” provided by BEKEN Corporation and experiments made by me during the development process.