Functional and bandwidth testing

A project log for Isolated +-50 A current sensor

Very simple +-50 A isolated current sensor with 1.5 MHz bandwidth based on Anisotropic Magneto Resistive sensor technology (MCA1101-50-3).

kevarekkevarek 08/30/2020 at 16:510 Comments
Yellow: voltage across 2.2 Ohm resistor, maximum is 22V (current = voltage / resistance in any given time)
Blue: current sensor output voltage.

Switched mode power supply with 22V on the output was shorted via 2R2 resistor. Current rises to 5 A immediately but after that the power supply load response takes 2us to regulate it to desired voltage and hence 10 A current. Sensor output lags approximately for 200 ns and rises with maximum slope 10 A/us untill it catches up with the output. This data is not ideal for bandwidth measurement but it confirms the functionality of the sensor. Also for sure there is no need to not believe to the IC datasheet.