Every electronic device nowadays is connected to the Internet. Internet Of Things (IOT) is continues to spread across the home and the enterprise, certain industries are leading investments in the revolutionary technologies that are changing how we live and work. 

Medical monitor is continuously measuring vital signs and it is necessary to detect unexpected life-threatening conditions and evaluate the response of the disease to treatment and to identify adverse drug reactions.

We make our patient monitor to implement the IOT and Tele-medicine technology.

Our design based on Raspberry pi zero w which provides the processing power needed and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is quite enough but unfortunately it doesn’t have ADC so we used Arduino nano to get data from sensors and send it to raspberry pi through serial port. Raspberry pi processing data with our program and display information on 5-inch screen and send information to server.

Our server receive information from Raspberry pi and send it to connected smart phone.

Any android phone running only our app can connect to server and access to information. 

note: temperature sensor was float.

Monitor parameters:

  • ECG Graph
  • Heart QRS Complex Detection
  • Photoplethysmogram (PPG)  Graph
  • SPO2 (oxygen saturation)
  • Temperature
  • Heart rate (from ECG)
  • Heart rate variability(HRV) and R-R Interval 

Monitor Ports:

  • Micro USB port (5v) for power and battery charging.
  • 3.5mm Audio port for ECG leads.
  • 3.5mm Audio port for lm35 temperature sensor.
  • Full USB port for MAX30100 Module.

To achieve our goal need 4 programs:

  • Arduino code to handle sensors data.
  • Raspberry pi java program to processing and send Data and display information on 5-inch screen .
  • Server-side program written in JavaScript receive information from Raspberry pi and send it to connected smart phone..
  •  Android app written in java receive information from Server-side program and display information.  

Project Videos: