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Timer based dummy load for washing machine valve

Nick SayerNick Sayer 10/28/2020 at 17:390 Comments

Switching to a single 5W through-hole resistor seems promising. The 3.0.1 boards came back and still have just SMD footprints, but I tacked a 3.9kΩ 5W resistor across them and sort of hovering in the air over the board. The resistor gets pretty hot to the touch, but since it has air space around it, it appears to not be damaging anything else (or itself). In operation the unit switches back and forth between 4W and 0.75W, which seems to be able to successfully trick the Intelliflow into leaving the water on for 6 hours. The 3.1 boards with the TH footprint should arrive shortly and should be successful if my testing has any value.