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passwords are garbage - maybe they don't have to be - here's an actual thing that holds on to them for you!

NateNate 09/16/2020 at 14:580 Comments

Okay, so I've wanted to make this thing for a long time now, however, I've only starting working on it fairly recently, although I've neglected to put the Hackaday page up until now.

So here's where I am currently. I bought parts for this a month or so ago, and ordered boards from JLCpcb, however thanks to my problems with shipping, I never received those boards. So then a few weeks ago I bought new boards from Oshpark and now I've got those! I feel like I did alright considering this is the first time I've designed a real PCB (I didn't make it impossible to manufacture, so hey!). I currently assembling the first board (after i bought a new micro for it, since I got the wrong package and somehow didn't notice for literally months), and then we'll see where that goes. I'll try and post what's going on once I've finished assembling it (and if I manage to let out the magic smoke when I plug it in).