A project log for openFume

A cost effective solder fume extractor for the home-gamer

AndyAndy 09/26/2020 at 02:320 Comments

I made this a few months back in a mad rush, typical. It's catered toward the parts I had lying around, and the time available. Now my goal is to slowly replace 3D printed functionality with "universal" parts that could be found locally. I think inevitably this project will contain some 3D printed parts, but the goal is to reduce their size and importance, and also to make them fully open source. I will also aim to make the parts, especially the filter media, as standard as possible, to avoid sourcing difficulties for others.

By the end of the project (if there is one) I'd like to have a design which is:

- Easily produced. No special tools or hardware (other than printed parts) required.

- Cheap. Less than $100 USD is a fair price, considering the "desk fan" fume extractors can be up to $80

- Effective. The final stage will be to perform some tests on the design to make sure that it can effectively filter rosin flux smoke/particulate, at least as well as the lower end commercial units.