Boards Arrived

A project log for RunTinyRun

Tiny, solar-powered gaming console driven by an ATtiny10 with a firmware of just 780 bytes.

ridolucridoluc 10/27/2020 at 09:220 Comments

The PCBs have arrived. I'm not impressed with the quality but hopefully they'll work.

Lesson learned No.1: check the minimum silkscreen specifics of the fab house. I did at some point but, changes after changes, I ended up with characters smaller than the minimum requirement. As a result, the silkscreen in unreadable.
The mousebites worked well. These could also be smaller as they seem quite strong.
The soldered components look good. I'm glad I spent a few bucks more to have these assembled. The 0603 package is so small I doubt I would enjoy soldering by hand.
No worries though, there is plenty of other small things to solder. This on the next log.