Workshop Chat Transcript

A project log for Introduction to Modular Synthesis using VCV Rack

Learn the principles of analog audio synthesis and how to create new sounds using voltage-controlled oscillators, filters, and amplifiers.

LutetiumLutetium 11/07/2020 at 23:560 Comments

14:07:34     From Jonathan Foote : Hello everyone!  This is Jon the workshop facilitator. Most of the workshop will be using VCV rack. Download here (free and open source):  

I have a very few illustrative slides, here they are:

Hello everyone!  This is Jon the workshop facilitator. Most of the workshop will be using VCV rack. Download here (free and open source):  

I have a very few illustrative slides, here they are:

14:08:25     From Jonathan Foote : If you are looking for the VCV rack workshop, you are in the right place!
14:11:01     From Alexandre Guimaraes To Dan Maloney(Privately) : Hi Dan. I am supposed to moderate, but by what I saw on my last talks there is not much to de done ! Let me know what you need from me.
14:11:23     From Dan Maloney To Alexandre Guimaraes(Privately) : OK, you bet. Thanks!
14:12:39     From Alexandre Guimaraes : They are planning to release sometime in the future… Depending on the material.
14:14:17     From FireHawk : what if the audio output says "no device"?
14:16:38     From Jaron Ali : hello
14:17:28     From Dan Maloney : Hi all -- please use this Zoom chat to ask questios rather than the chat - thanks!
14:18:15     From LqqkOut & Ozma : please re-paste anything important from early in the chat for newcomers
14:18:49     From Ben : From earlier: "Hello everyone!  This is Jon the workshop facilitator. Most of the workshop will be using VCV rack. Download here (free and open source):  

I have a very few illustrative slides, here they are:
14:19:14     From FireHawk : If you get "no device" in the audio output, clicking WASAPI then selecting the correct device in the 2nd line fixed it for me (Thanks Ben)
14:19:39     From LqqkOut & Ozma : Confirmed, audio works!
14:21:53     From LqqkOut & Ozma : @Ben thanks for the paste
14:21:57     From Dan Maloney : Sorry if I leave you in the aiting room for a bit -- there appears to be no way to auto-admit newcomers
14:23:46     From Dan Maloney : This is from the top of the chat, in case you missed it:
14:23:48     From Dan Maloney : Hello everyone! This is Jon the workshop facilitator. Most of the workshop will be using VCV rack. Download here (free and open source): I have a very few illustrative slides, here they are: Hello everyone! This is Jon the workshop facilitator. Most of the workshop will be using VCV rack. Download here (free and open source): I have a very few illustrative slides, here they are: If you are looking for the VCV rack workshop, you are in the right place! 14:24:49     From LqqkOut & Ozma To Dan Maloney(Privately) : you can turn off the waiting room altogether and folks will auto-enter
14:26:06     From Dan Maloney To LqqkOut & Ozma(Privately) : OK, thanks! Like I said, Zoom rookie here. Thanks for the tip!
14:26:41     From LqqkOut & Ozma To Dan Maloney(Privately) : no problem, I only know because I have to help my kid with school stuff ;)
14:31:25     From Paul : I had to turn up the FM CV knob on the VCO-1 to make the change appreciable.
14:31:38     From Ben : Looks good
14:31:43     From Jaron Ali : Going great thanks
14:31:49     From Mark W : good here
14:31:52     From Robert : Good here
14:31:52     From Flor Medina : I just installed VCV Rack on Mac with all the default settings. I can see the oscillator moving when I push keyboard buttons, but there’s no sound coming out.
14:31:55     From asher : all good :)
14:31:58     From David Rasmussen : good so far
14:32:26     From Jaron Ali : @flor have you set audio channel out to your device?
14:32:34     From Karl Alexander Koscher : you need to select an audio output
14:32:40     From Karl Alexander Koscher : it defaulted to none for me
14:32:54     From Flor Medina : That was it thanks!
14:33:14     From Julian Rendell : Thx - same problem on the PC- just fixed it ;-)
14:33:30     From Dan Maloney : Good teamwork, everyone ;-)
14:33:31     From LqqkOut & Ozma : Shows us shiny buttons... thinks we have attention to spare ;) This is great
14:38:32     From David (ishotjr) : I love this
14:38:48     From Julian Rendell : love the circle on circle explanation- what is that representation called?
14:39:25     From Alexandre Guimaraes : There is one explanation similar to this that shows what happens when you have multiple sines over others. Making any function.
14:40:08     From Dan Maloney : We've done a ton of articles on adding up sinces to make cool waveforms. Lemme see if I can dig one up
14:41:03     From Mark W : So, the bit about vocal sound production : is that the kind of thing you learn in music theory?
14:42:20     From David Rasmussen : I’m studying music right now, and no, not really. it’s mostly about the styles of 17th to 19th century composers
14:42:40     From FireHawk : For those interested, a tiny bit more insight into vocal sound production:
14:43:03     From Jaron Ali : There are some cool sounds coming out already!
14:43:06     From Julian Rendell : Could you please zoom out and show your current patch?
14:43:25     From Julian Rendell To Dan Maloney(Privately) : Thx!
14:43:41     From Daniel : My favorite fourier series animation from 3blue1brown:

14:44:21     From asher : always thought it was moo-g
14:46:55     From Alexandre Guimaraes : @daniel That is almost exactly like the one I saw… Amazing how any complex function can be described by “circular” movements. Very intuitive when they show this way… Specially interesting when we are talking about complex sounds.
14:49:32     From Flor Medina : where is the green cable connected to LFO-1?
14:50:05     From Ben : @Flor I think the TRI output
14:53:43     From Daniel : The photo was more of a low pass filter with resonance for the curves that had spikes at the center frequency
14:59:13     From Julian Rendell : ADSR - how most 8 bit computers (Atari, C64, etc) made noise. Old articles from that era could be helpful to find ADSR 'recipes'.
14:59:54     From LqqkOut & Ozma : Question: I noticed that holding a key and pressing another doesn't reset the ADSR, is that because any/all signals coming from MIDI-CV count as "on" vs treating keys separately?
15:02:25     From asher : will we be able to watch the recording later on?
15:02:57     From LqqkOut & Ozma : Thanks for taking my question :) 15:03:09     From FireHawk : Is the ADSR envelope tweaking the amplitude of the signal, as a function of time, going through the block, or something else?
15:03:33     From Dan Maloney : I'm pretty sure the recording from this will be posted on our YouTube channel eventually.
15:04:53     From adelle : What was the cable that needed to be plugged back in again
15:05:15     From Julian Rendell : I just noticed the midi-cv module has an all channels or individual channels option. That might affect how the trig/gate are working...
15:08:44     From Mark W : what if you're not used to delay petals...
15:09:08     From Flor Medina : I lost sound when I unplugged the LFO-1, now I can’t figure out how to get it back 🤦🏽
15:09:48     From LqqkOut & Ozma : ctrl-z has been my friend
15:10:02     From Julian Rendell : Please zoom out so we can see the current patch ;-)
15:10:18     From Julian Rendell : Woot! Drums & sequencers!
15:10:53     From Flor Medina : ctrl-z and I’m back :D

15:13:20     From Karl Alexander Koscher : lol
15:13:47     From Flor Medina : just figured out you can move the whole row of modules with Cmd + dragging and dropping
15:14:25     From Mark W : nice tip, Flor
15:14:34     From David Rasmussen : that’s very helpful, thanks
15:15:44     From Mark W : for a real "eurorack", do they also have inputs/outputs on the backside? I'm wondering if you like a set-up and only want to tweak it, if you could hide away most of your configuration
15:17:03     From asher : I'm in europe so I'll have to leave soon but I'm really enjoying this so far :)
15:17:44     From Julian Rendell : Really enjoying the session. Demystifying something I've been interested in for ages. Thanks!
15:18:16     From Mark W : dope
15:18:23     From Julian Rendell : Wow! 15:18:31     From Ben : That is very cool
15:18:32     From adelle : Same Julian
15:18:41     From Jaron Ali : Source code is awesome
15:18:54     From David Rasmussen : I’m interested in the insanity of this randomize button
15:18:57     From Julian Rendell : Hmm... put this on a bunch of Pis & make a digital analog synth?!
15:28:31     From Dan Maloney : Is it possible to recreate gated reverb, aka "The sound of the 80s"? 15:33:04     From Julian Rendell : Coool!!!!
15:36:24     From Karl Alexander Koscher : I’m rattling the room
15:37:14     From Jaron Ali : Me too Karl! hahaha
15:40:47     From LqqkOut & Ozma : seems like the costly part of a hardware euro rack isn't the mods, but it's patch cables ;)
15:41:22     From LqqkOut & Ozma : This has been fun! Thank you!
15:41:33     From Julian Rendell : Super fun- thanks!
15:42:31     From Eric  : you can do it with a delay unit wired in feedback
15:42:38     From David (ishotjr) : it was probably a LinnDrum
15:42:40     From Jaron Ali : Can I take this and add into another DAW? Like FL Studio?
15:44:40     From Karl Alexander Koscher : for stupid reasons, I’m routing this (and the zoom call) through ableton
15:44:58     From Julian Rendell : @Jaron - I think I saw some mention of VST on the website; I'm guessing there's a good chance it can both load VSTs and be loaded as a VST.
15:45:42     From Julian Rendell : Sick!
15:45:52     From Jaron Ali : Aweseom
15:45:58     From Jaron Ali : awesome*
15:46:15     From Flor Medina : is there a way to quickly reset to the default patch?
15:46:42     From Julian Rendell : File -> new?
15:47:03     From Julian Rendell : Also edit-> clear cables (if you want to keep the modules you've been using)
15:47:46     From Eric  : i have to go now but thank you so much Jonathan, great session!
15:49:36     From Julian Rendell : Thank you everyone, especially Jonathan!
15:49:42     From David Rasmussen : you mentioned polyphony?
15:50:22     From Victor : thank you Jonathan
15:50:35     From adelle : Thanks John! This was great
15:50:43     From adelle : I
15:51:02     From adelle : I’ve got my Arturia midi controller plugged in and its working great
15:51:06     From Emily Baade : Are there reverb modules at all for Rack?
15:51:23     From Julian Rendell : Hack-a-day- can we do this again in a few months? ;-)
15:52:48     From Julian Rendell : Yes please for the theory tutorial!
15:53:19     From Emily Baade : I’d like that too
15:53:39     From Scott.McGimpsey : Jon, thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge on this! I've been curious for a long time, and this really got me rolling!
15:53:45     From Ben : Thank you, this was a lot of fun!
15:54:03     From Jaron Ali : The saved patches would be great thank you
15:54:04     From Julian Rendell : Awesome- please re slides and patches!
15:54:19     From Flor Medina : thank you so much, where do we find the slides?
15:54:20     From Jaron Ali : This had been a really cool and fun workshop! Thank you Jonathan
15:54:22     From LqqkOut & Ozma : <3 Thanks!
15:54:24     From David Rasmussen : thank you
15:54:34     From Dan Maloney :
15:54:56     From David (ishotjr) : thank you! I especially enjoyed the background info, gave great context! :)
15:55:01     From Ben : ellipses in chat
15:55:06     From David (ishotjr) : press ... "Save chat"