Now Supports CircuitPython!

A project log for TallyPi

Build network controlled tally lights for live cameras, intended for control by OBS but extensible enough to use for whatever you like.

DeckerEgoDeckerEgo 03/30/2022 at 01:490 Comments

This humble tally light project has now broken into three! Now that we support both CircuitPython and the ESP32-S2 as well as the Raspberry Pi platform, the project now has three parts:

  1. TallyOBS, the OBS script which can talk to both the ESP32-S2 and the Raspberry Pi remote lights
  2. TallyPi, the Raspberry Pi version of the remote-controlled LED tally lights
  3. TallyCircuitPy, the ESP32-S2 version powered by CircuitPython

The TallyOBS project can power either type of tally light, but the tally lights themselves can be operated independently. Since both types of lights have the same API, both platforms can be used if you want!

Also you don't need OBS to use the lights - they respond using the HTML dashboard, curl, or any method you like to send HTTP commands. If you have the hardware on hand, you can easily build out either platform quickly!