Learn How to Hack a Car Remoticon Workshop

Supplement to the workshop: Learn How to Hack a Car for the 2020 Remoticon.

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In this workshop, attendees will get an introduction to car hacking. The workshop will focus on CAN bus. Attendees will learn how to read and analyze data from the CAN bus. Then how to exploit the knowledge they learn to make the car do what they want.

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The goal of this workshop is to give attendees a simple introduction to car hacking. By the end you'll be able to understand how to read, interpret CAN packets and use CAN packets to do simple exploits. 

To participate in this workshop you'll need a Linux computer with sudo privileges to install software. 

Before you attend the workshop you'll need to install two pieces of free and open source software. I provided instructions on how to do so below; scroll down until you see build instructions. If you run into some issues you can use the chat to communicate with me.

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    Installing can-utils

    Open a command terminal and run the following command

    sudo apt-get install can-utils 
  • 2
    Installing ICSim
    1. Go to this link
    2. Click on the green button and download zip file
    3. Uncompress the zip file
    4. Open command terminal and navigate to where you placed the uncompressed files
    5. In the command line run this command:

    In the next step we will verify if everything installed correctly

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    Checking if everything works

     Now we are going to setup a virtual CAN port and connect ICSim to that port

    1. Open a command terminal and run the following commands
    sudo modprobe can
    sudo modprobe vcan
    sudo ip link add dev vcan0 type vcan
    sudo ip link set up vcan0

     2. Next within the command terminal navigate to the ICSim folder in which you ran make in the previous section. Run the following command

    ./icsim vcan0

     Your terminal should something like this

    And you should have a ICSim window that looks like this:

    3. Now you must open another command terminal and once again navigate to ICSim folder and run the following command

    ./controls vcan0

    Your terminal will look similar to this:

    And you should have a control panel window like this:

    While making sure the Control panel window is selected (the one with picture of a game controller). Hold down the Up arrow key and the Left arrow key. You should see something like this:

    If you don't see the gauge cluster change when you hold down the arrow keys make sure you first click on the controller window(the window with the game controller) before you press the arrow keys.

    Still having trouble?

    Head over to this project's public chat and I or some other member will try to help you out!

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