Testing the screen

A project log for PlagueStation Zero

An entry into the zerodays deck design competition

ABrugschABrugsch 10/09/2020 at 10:440 Comments

Having a nice case is all well and good but something needs to go in it. The competitions didn't need the deck to actually be built, but since the prize was a resin printed case, I felt I would need to build it anyway.

So to start with My Pi+TFT combo was already built, it just needed an OS setting up and would need the IoT pHAT setting up. should be simple, the pHAT has the eeprom for setting itself up on powerup. I'd just have to connect all the appropriate lines to the broken out pin headers on the TFT board.

They are not in the regular Pi connector 40-pin layout though so some hand wiring needed to be done. Just need to find which ones needed to be connected. No biggie.

I yoinked an SD card from one of my other Pi's set up as a Gameboy Zero which has a similar SPI screen connected in an identical way so that I can test the screen still actually works.

And WALLAH! So the pi and screen combo work. This uses an older Jessie based retropie install and the FBTFT driver with the same GPIO connections as Adafruit use for their SPI TFT's. 
Now lets get to adding some devices. As this Pi has no WiFi connecting a keybaord and hub and transferring stuff via stick gets tedious quickly so lets get the pHAT attached.... Next