Update 10/25/20

A project log for Halloween Candy Mortar

Candy in a 35mm film container is launched towards a trick-or-treater when they step on a foot pedal 50 feet away from the launcher.

Paul McCabePaul McCabe 10/26/2020 at 00:570 Comments

Web page controlled Launch Sign: Used an ESP32, 6 LEDs, and a usb battery for the circuit. Code is from Random Nerd Tutorials (ESP32 Web Sever). Built  a simple sign from a polycarbonate sheet and some pieces of wood. Hot glued the LEDs under the sign. Scratched the word LAUNCH into the polycarbonate sheet with a Dremel. Idea is to place this on a stand next to the foot pedal and activate it when we are ready for them to step on the foot pedal.