Stealth/Silent Release of MH7 (v2.0)

A project log for MiniHawk VTOL

A fully 3D-Printable VTOL aircraft, designed as a hybrid fixed-wing plank + tricopter planform. For FPV and UAV experimentation.

Steve CarlsonSteve Carlson 04/28/2021 at 23:220 Comments

-shhhhhh-  ...... I'm saturated with school work in my grad program, so I'm not going to be able to turn much attention to rewriting the instructions and such for a bit, and the formal release with all the pageantry and publicity and awesome video trailer will have to wait. Its been way more than "a few days" since the last update, but the project has finally stabilized enough that I feel confident in pushing the next-generation version of the MiniHawk-VTOL. The new STLs are anything prefixed with "MH7_" at .

The vehicle flies in forward-flight; smooth, sustained and continuously, if somewhat tippy. Read through and to see how the components have been re-positioned and how to use the balance stand platform to find the exact center of mass. The current vehicle is flying on ArduPilot using a PixRacerPro, using

Updates and full release to follow.

NB: The ControlHorn STL is missing, just use the MH5 ControlHorn, same thing.