Flashing Firmware with esptool

A project log for ESPHome on ESP-01 Windows Workflow

Workflow for creating and flashing ESPHome firmware to ESP-01/ESP8266 on Windows

schlionschlion 12/02/2020 at 12:260 Comments

Flashing the firmware file from windows

Flashing the file using utilities like ESPEasy Flasher did not work for me. So instead esptool directly. I use anaconda, but you can probably just use the pip that came with your python. I made new environment for ESPHome

#make new env
conda create --name ESPHome
# activate env
conda activate ESPHome
#get esptool
conda install -c conda-forge esptool

You should probably make an extra directory for all your esphome files. I made mine in Documents/ESPHome.

Now connect the ESP01 to your USB-programmer be sure that the chip enters programming mode by keeping the programmin button pressed on power up. Or hold the programming button and press reset.

Now navigate to the firmware file and flash with: --before default_reset --after hard_reset --baud 460800 --chip esp8266 --port COM5 write_flash 0x0 --verify

 Be sure to change your COM port accordingly.