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Easy 64bit Ubuntu 20.04 microk8s on Raspberry Pi 4

CarbonCycleCarbonCycle 10/22/2020 at 04:390 Comments

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Most of the blogs that have you deploy microk8s may have the final step as just getting a dashboard.   There seems to be this tendency to avoid configuring ingress.  And then we wonder why folks end up in the weeds.

Microk8s installs with most components disabled.  Once you configure a component on a node in a formed cluster - it becomes enabled on all the other nodes of the cluster.

So lets not turn it all on at once.

The first component enabled should be DNS.  HA is enabled by default in 1.19 and will activate once three nodes are present in the cluster. Additional nodes are backups to the master quorum of three.   Master selection is automatic.  If you have network connectivity issues (latency?) you may see some movement of nodes from MASTER to backup.  I saw this in my cluster as the original lead node was delegated to backup duty.  Surely the reason is in logs, but I haven't set up logging yet to see the reason.  I did install fluentd on all the nodes (easy) but I don't have an ELK stack, yet.   I'm thinking that perhaps this might be an awesome use for a free LogDNA account.  I've used their product before and liked what I could find with it, using rather naive search terms.   So look for that as a probable instruction entry.

It is important to stabilize clusters EARLY in their deployment.  It becomes harder to debug issues when layers of malfunction are present.   I like to see 24-48 hours of runtime after a change to have confidence that my applied idea wasn't a poor life choice.