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Using a Google Nest Mini (2ng Gen)

Marcus BergMarcus Berg 10/17/2020 at 13:190 Comments

From here I will have to wait at least a few weeks for the LM386 amplifier to come in the mail (I ordered two from different stores, lets see who wins the race...). I am still having thoughts about what to do with the switch, I could use it to enable streaming audio.

I have also considered making it power up from the switch, making the SD card read-only (overlay filesystem) and automatically start streaming whenever the pi boots up.

I haven't looked into what software there is to drive the speaker from my phone, if anyone has a suggestion, drop a note in below. (VLC remote?)

For now, as a bedside speaker this should work fine with quiet audio.

Nothing is glued or stuck down, I also intend on addressing that in the final design as well.