SIO and Sound Board

A project log for MSX COMPATIBLE BOARDS FOR RC2014

Create a series of boards designed for the RC2014 bus to achieve MSX/MSX2 compatiblity

Dean NethertonDean Netherton 12/29/2020 at 03:190 Comments

RC2014 SIO/2

Managed to get the RC2014 SIO/2 Board to work with my MSX rig.

Its took a bit of finessing to get the higher baud rate (57200) working with MSX BIOS interrupt handler - the overheads make it easy to lose data. 

The application talks directly to the SIO chip.   A future goal will be to integrate the serial driver within the BIOS/Nextor systems.

Sound/Controller Board

After a few bodge fixes - i was able to get the sound board working (YM2149 chip).  I considered using the RC2014 Sound board, but I don't think the revision I have supports the MSX ports.  A later revision seems to.  

The board I designed, also support controller ports -- if only I owned a MSX controller!

(The missing chips are required for the controller ports - will install when i get an MSX controller to test with)

In the next few days, I will try and get myself organised, and upload designs.

In the meantime you can watch me playing PACMAN really badly.