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A project log for MSX COMPATIBLE BOARDS FOR RC2014

Create a series of boards designed for the RC2014 bus to achieve MSX/MSX2 compatiblity

dean-nethertonDean Netherton 05/07/2022 at 03:300 Comments

As I started to design and explore creating a USB/Cassette storage module for the Yellow MSX series for the RC2014 platform, PCBWay reached out to me and offer to help me out with my little MSX project.  

It was amazing to get the support for my little project from PCBWay - to be noticed was a little overwhelming.  I have seen PCBWay sponsor and support many in the Retro community - but I never thought in a million years that they would be so kind and gracious to support my little adventure.

Last weekend I received my first PCBs under their sponsorship support.  I was very excited as I open and saw my latest PCBs - including the next iteration of the USB module.  I need an updated iteration for the module to allow the CH376 to fit nicely.  It requires a 'cut-out' space for the USB socket.  PCBWay had manufactured the board precisely and the CH376 module fit perfectly.

I am very excited to solder this board up and test it all out.

Thanks PCBWay for your support

The production and delivery of the boards were very prompt.

What's in the box?

Packaged safely and securely.

PCBWay had supplied with new Video and MUSIC boards for my tindie customers, and the latest prototype for the USB/Cassette board!  See the odd cut out for the CH376 module!

The CH376 module fit perfectly and keeps a low profile on the new board

Thanks again PCBWay for stepping up and supporting me and the community of hackers and tinkers.