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A project log for DIY JBC Nano Controller

DIY controller for JBCs Nano (NT115) Soldering irons

DanielDaniel 11/24/2021 at 22:260 Comments

Since I consider this project finished now and I had this in use for a few month now, I guess its time to do a little summary of the features

Supported soldering irons

So far I only tested this with a JBC NT115 hand piece, but it should work for all soldering irons where the heater is powered through the thermocouple. This is certainly a minority of the available soldering irons though, since most have a separate wire for power. But I think some Hakko tips use the same design as well. If you intend to use a different iron with a different thermocouple, keep in mind that you may have to adjust the gain for the thermocouple amplifier.

Power supply

Since I didn't include a separate power supply for the gate driver, the maximum voltage is limited by the gate driver and the maximum gate voltage of the used mosfet. I run this at 12V and you shouldn't go much higher. This would be easily changeable, but since I designed this for low-power irons it never was a problem.

Software features


The enclosure I designed for this project is very basic and leaves lots of room for improvement. It's very light, so it doesn't feel high-quality at all. On the up-side, it is super compact while still having an integrated holder for the iron.