New Pendant & Concept

A project log for Laser Cutter Bed Leveling & Safety System

System to level bed of a laser cutter and then act as a motorized Z, while also handling machine safety functions

ZackZack 04/30/2021 at 14:170 Comments

My two laser-related projects have merged into one.  After making a new pendant that mounts to the machine, I combined the monitoring and leveling systems into a single unit running off a Teensy LC.  This means there is now just one display for everything.  It also helps make all the wiring even has a USB port on the pendant so I don't have to open the side of the machine to do programming.

I added files for the pendant board (FreePCB source files & gerber files), the pendant itself (STEP file), and the custom keycaps I designed (also a STEP file).  New code (ino file) also uploaded.

The next step will be upgrading to a RasPi Pico.  I designed a new mainboard for this task and it's currently on the way from China.