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A knob to control the volume on my PC - with RGB

PunitPunit 10/31/2020 at 23:410 Comments

I've already started this project but so far I have:

- Tested the neopixel ring

- Learned how to use the digispark

- Tested the Volume knob program that is in the trinket HID library

- Produced a program that will handle the RGB ring

- Found out that pin 5 on these clones are actually set as a RESET pin and so I had to use an Arduino Uno clone to disable it so I can use it as a GPIO

- Realised that the ATTINY85 doesn't have enough flash for the volume knob AND RGB code therefore I have just decided to try use another of the digispark boards just to handle the RGB. Sadly wont be able to have the neopixel ring change colours etc based on what you do with the knob (for example, I wanted the ring to turn red and fade brightness up and down when you press the knob down to mute the audio)

This brings us to the present day where I am now waiting for adapter PCB's to convert SOIC8 to DIP8 so that I can solder the "RGB controller chip" to a small PCB I will have inside the enclosure.