A project log for LOMOPI - Digital TLR Camera

The RPi-Powered Twin-Lens Reflex Street Photography Camera.

gradivisGradivis 11/13/2020 at 16:590 Comments

Defying all odds given the covid pandemic, the switch buttons that I ordered from Spain arrived within 5 days! Another score for small business over Amazon (although Amz would have taken only a couple I'm trying to be good about that).

I ordered 4 push button switches which are 8mm and in theory fit the holes left by the old buttons on the camera, but they're a little heavy and the bare metal look will better match the Lubitel 166 when it gets here. So I bought a 100 pack of switches for 5 euros and found many that will work perfectly. In fact, I already epoxyed one in place. Just need to figure out where I put the dial plate from the original camera or find a decorative replacement...

Wire, LEDs and resistors also arrived today since I was out after moving internationally, but my station soldering iron and heat gun are ready to go - the only thing I need now is a female USB charging port to attach to for charging the 18650 board. It has an on/off switch for hard reset if I open the thing up, but I also will use one of these hundred switches (some tiny) for triggering a graceful shutdown.

Anyway here's me clicking the new button.

As you can see I need a ring around it, and on the right there is another hole for a button, so I'm thinking I will have burst photo coded to one, and single photo to the other. I'll save video for the Raspitel-166 (Lubitel 166 + RPI) project.

That's all folks!