Bluepill Serial Monster

3 Port USB to Serial Adapter Using STM32 Blue Pill

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A 3-port USB-to-Serial adapter firmware project for STM32 Blue Pill (STM32F103C8T6).

The firmware supports 3 independent UART ports, RTS/CTS, DSR/DTR/DCD, 7/8 bits word length, parity, 1, 1.5, and 2 stop bits, works with built-in drivers on Win/OSX/Linux, DMA RX/TX.

No dependencies other than CMSIS. Open-source, MIT license.

Source code and binary releases are available at

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paulvdh wrote 06/25/2021 at 00:01 point

Is this a fork of:

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Kirill Kotyagin wrote 02/09/2022 at 18:00 point

Nope, bluebill-serial-monster is an entirely different project written from scratch. To be honest, I wouldn't take pill_serial seriously. No offense, but it cannot do even a tenth of what serial monster does.

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