Sprites and background screen

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Retro arcade style hardware

Martin PiperMartin Piper 12/15/2020 at 08:220 Comments

This video shows the sprites board and background character screen board working together to produce an animated display with two layers. This boosts the graphical capability of the host retro machine, in this case a Commodore 64.

Each 16x16 pixel sprite can have seven colours with one transparent colour showing the layers behind. Some sprites can also be 32x32 pixels. Some sprites can also be full height, with a repeating 16 pixel vertical pattern. Each sprite has a choice of 32 palettes.

The character background layer has 1024 characters of 8x8 pixel, with seven colours and one transparent colour.  Each character has a choice of 16 palettes.

Characters and sprites support horizontal and vertical flips.

The other two layers are currently opaque pixels and not visible.