Initial Update: Touchscreen and Such

A project log for 90s Raspberry Camcorder

Upgrading a 1993 RCA CC540 VHS camcorder with a Raspberry Pi, HQ Camera module, modern storage, power, and features.

DustinDustin 11/29/2020 at 03:170 Comments

Today I spent quite a few hours working on this. I want to watch tv and relax, so I'll probably keep this brief. 

I got the sensor mounted to the lens and even got it adjusted. I shaved down the plastic on the lens assembly, put a piece of tape on for a friction fit, then just jammed the sensor module onto it. Held up pretty darn well, but is temporary. I can even adjust the main threaded ring thing to focus it. Macro mode works fairly well, zoom is pretty good. Close up and low light performance aren't great, but will do. 

I installed the touchscreen inside the camera case, with unusually good results. I captured some video of this thing in action, as well as some test shots from the camera itself. 

I still need an audio interface and microphone, then I can record video with audio. Add in a small LCD as a viewfinder, a speaker, and a battery pack and I'll have a useable stand alone camcorder. I've never owned a camcorder, and I find it interesting that I built one isntead of buying one. I'm really happy with the progress today. 

I didn't mention it much, but I did right a very simple program to start and stop recording, and take a picture. 

More to come in the future, including a video I made.

The first picture is the test setup before I installed the touchscreen and Pi into the camera. It was quite tedious to work with.

This one is after I bolted the screen and such into place. Went far better than I thought. I'll get pictures of the inside next time I have it apart.

The assembled camera displaying its first images as a semi-complete camera. It's only tethered by USB power these days.