Thoughts on Creating a Case

A project log for Raspberry Camcorder and Video Editing Station

Creating an all in one portable video production set up.

dustinDustin 12/01/2021 at 00:400 Comments

One of the most challenging aspects I've found with creating physical things is making the case to put them in. This project will be the most challenging yet. I would like to model the case in CAD and 3D print it, but I don't have the skill for that right now. I also don't know how to go about getting industrial strength parts from 3D printing. The learning curve is just too steep for me at the moment. I am considering prototyping a case in something like epoxy putty, then making a mold of the case so I can cast resin parts. Glass fiber reinforced resin would be strong enough for what I need, and is easier for me to understand than most 3D CAD software. This is a device to be held in the hand, and I want it to feel natural. Modeling it by hand, then duplicating that model would be a very satisfying endeavor for me. I could possibly sell cases if anyone would be interested, or even build entire cameras and sell them to fund other projects and adventures. I do need to make some money eventually, sadly. I wouldn't be opposed to hiring someone to make a 3D model of the case and release that as open source after all of the bugs have been worked out. I see this camera as an every day piece of gear to do actual work with. It's a very niche concept that would be ideal for someone like me, but absurd to many people. I dream of being able to take a single device out into the field, in any conditions, and make videos with nothing but the camera, and perhaps a keyboard and mouse. I have multiple cases of camera gear just for the bare minimum video production set up, and it gets old having to drag it all around. I want this to look as professional as possible so I could use it for paying work without drawing negative attention. It would be fun when other professionals ask about the camera and I tell them I designed and built it myself. That would be an amazing feeling. The biggest downside right now is the HQ camera module being limited to 1080p resolution. I hope a 4K version releases at some point, that could be dropped into the case for this one.

Anyway, just writing out thoughts as I wait for a test video to upload for my Pi 400 Daily Driver project. Should be about done by now.