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Similar projects worth following always wanted an old timer terminal, not to mention an ADM3A, VT52 or even a Minitel. Since I could not find one in working condition and at a resonable price, I had to build it.Fortunately, I have some experience in design and a very nice laser cutter at the workplace.Inspired from the Fallout 4 RPG famous RobCo terminal:- shape and layout modelled from game screenshots- all details are reproduced as close as possible to the in-game terminal:- general shape and proportions, weigth, front and back plates, sound effects- overall feelingRaspberry Pi 3B inside.

Inspired from the Fallout 4 RPG famous RobCo terminal:

  • shape and layout modelled from game screenshots
  • All details are reproduced as close as possible to the in-game terminal:
  • general shape and proportions
  • weigth
  • front and back plates
  • sound effects
  • overall feeling

Featuring a custom shell menu that resembles:

  • the RobCoTerm start menu
  • terminal hacking minigame
  • text mode minigames (Zork, Tetris, Space Invaders and more)
  • the original terminal sounds (recreated)
  • working communication between all RobCo terminals ever built (all owners may communicate between each other)
  • retro-gaming ready

Everything the RPI 3B+ has to offer. And more:

  • 15 inch LCD with approx. 13.5' visible area
  • 60 keys mechanical keyboard with retro caps and backlight
  • stereo sound with included speakers
  • USB keyboard and mouse, bluetooth, WiFi and LAN
  • holodisks accepted! (front USB drive)
  • robust acrylic structure

  • 1 × 15' LCD, better with built in speakers
  • 1 × RPI (Nano W or 3)
  • 1 × HDMI to VGA converter with audio output
  • 1 × synthetic leather for face and back plates, coloured adhesive vinyl for side panels
  • 1 × chloropropylic adhesive for glueing the leather, cyanoacrylate adhesive with activator for glueing the structure

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    If you're feeeling (Mr.) Handy, you may download the laser cut plans and start building yours.

    (detailed instructions, specs and drawings are to come)

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Dan Maloney wrote 12/02/2020 at 19:33 point

Please be CRT-based, please be CRT-based...

I know, it's a big ask. But still. Love the look, keen to see the build instructions.

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Tom Nardi wrote 12/03/2020 at 00:10 point

Looks like LCD from the BoM, but there's always cool-retro-term:

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ciprian wrote 12/04/2020 at 04:24 point

The first choice was for b/w CRTs, since the latest ('94) models have a short neck. No way to find one. The color CRTs have a long neck, which should change completely the form factor. Tried with some small CRT TV but the pixels were huge and blurry. So it is a 15' LCD, with a margin of approx 1 " (2 cm) masked by the rubber cord, to resemble the CRT shape.

This was just a test, it feels really nice, but some parts are glued and have different thermal expansion -- one night at 0°C, then moved inside at +24°C and certain binding detached. For the 2nd term i'll use mostly screws.

I couldn't install Cool Retro Term on RPI 3B but still trying to :)

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zapwizard wrote 12/10/2020 at 18:11 point

Amazing project! To emulate a CRT screen for my Pip-Boy, I planned on putting a sheet of green acrylic into an oven and heating it until it slumped into the curve of a CRT then mounting that in front of the screen. I have built the frames to do this, I just haven't gotten back to work on the project.

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