A picture book written in Python code

Learn to Code in Python through an Illustrated Story

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A Day in Code: Python is a picture book that tells a story with Python programs. It's available on Amazon:

Programming books are usually in the form of textbooks or instructional manuals. A Day in Code: Python breaks from tradition by teaching the basics of Python programming in a picture book! The story of an epic day is told through Python programs that represent real-life situations. There is a high level description of the situation above each program and a code explanation underneath it. A full-page illustration next to each program shows the situation being described in code. In this way, the book presents Python code examples in a fun and colorful manner. It also makes code examples relatable to everyday life.

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Alvin Francois wrote 12/06/2022 at 12:43 point

An interesting product came out, and it was great to read it and think about how it was done. I would love to see a lot of interesting work by famous authors like that steven king in this format. Based on his essay on why we watch horror movies, I was doing my own analytical essay along the lines of and it was interesting to work on it. And making sketches showing how it can be reproduced through code is a great idea for a project. 

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