microByte will be on CrowSupply!

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OpenSource hand-held retro console which can emulate NES, GameBoy/GameBoy Color, Game Gear, and Sega MasterSystem

Juan FloresJuan Flores 01/19/2021 at 17:320 Comments


I pleased to announce that microByte will be available very very soon on CrowSupply for a crowdfunding campaign! 

On the next link you can subscribe to know when the campaign will start:

Email Signups | Crowd Supply

If you like this project and want to support me, you could buy it, and you can choose from four different colors, or choose the basic one and print with your favorite philament! 

During the campaign, I will release some major updates for the firmware and most important, and Arduino Library which will allow you to create easily your sketches or your games for microByte.

When at the start of the campaign I will write another log update.