Wheelchair buzzer

Notify user and carer when tilt-protection is not active.

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This system will emit light and sound when the tilt protection on a wheelchair is disengaged.
The tilt protection on a wheelchair ("arms" that extend behind the wheelchair to not let it tilt backwards) will be disengaged when there is a need to brave an obstacle like some steps or a ledge. Once the obstacle has been passed, the carer (the person helping out the wheelchair user) needs to engage the tilt protection again.
If the protection is not present and the wheelchair user causes the chair to tilt back, the user will violently hit the floor with the back of the head.

Project documentation and progress:
  • 1 × NC Reed Switch Normally Closed reed switch
  • 1 × Neodymium magnet
  • 1 × RGB LED
  • 1 × 100ohm potentiometer Tiny potentiometer to adjust buzzer volume
  • 1 × Piezo Buzzer

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