Sketchup Vs Rhino?

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Juan-Antonio Søren E.P.Juan-Antonio Søren E.P. 01/24/2021 at 15:520 Comments

So, I was sitting there with a 450MB 3D file which my processor was struggling to work on. After I flushed the model of junk it was down to 25MB. Damn!. Then I found out or kind of rediscovered Podium for Sketchup. Before I was cursing Sketchup for not exporting production grade files for manufactoring, now it downed on me why my old architect roomie used it. With the right (expensive) plugins and hardware/time, Sketchup becomes this animation beast. Rhino is Rhino 7 now. Importing and exporting skp files like a breeze. So what's the combined price tag on both with Podium and SU Pro. To high IMO. Often when I import files made in SU to Rhino there is all kinds of fuckups in the stickings/corners. So, im I just very bad at snapping surfaces and lines in my work flow. Usually in Rhino these mesups dont happen. Maybe there is a plugin no one told me about?